Thursday, 26 May 2011

26 May

Today is our 10th anniversary. Could not really celebrate today as MOhi has an invitation to dinner which has priority over personal matters. It is not a big problem for me as he has been generous enough to buy me 1 carat diamond ring yesterdayyyy! We actually planned few years ago when we were in Paris, that we will go to Antwerp in Belgium to buy my anniversary ring.. but fate has caused us to buy it in Kuwait instead.

Insyaallah tomorrow we will be having a family dinner at Kuwait Tower instead of Eiffel Tower to commemorate the day.

On another note.. I am feeling not happy about my endometriosis history. I am being paranoid that they are recurring again. I think they are making a comeback. Reading information on the internet saying that 45% chances of recurrance makes me think that I should get myself pregnant again just to prevent them from building up. Hmmm...I dont think I want to get pregnant and get a baby just for the sake of avoiding endometriosis....but I do not want them to recur.. I know how painful it is.. I know what are the treatments that I have to go through...

I have been putting off exercising for few months now since we moved to KUwait...tapi takkan lah sbb tu terus nak jadi kut....

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